Francine Luce: Jazz Singer-Songwriter-Performer

A Voice that touches the heart

Countless World class musicians

An Extraordinary Worldwide musical path.

The remarkable singer Francine Luce”. The Guardian

Nothing is static with Francine. As life and Nature, each day has a new dawn, and so it is that each performance with Francine is a new experience with a life of its own.

Her tremendous talent and experience turn music  into a fascinating life story telling, accompanying her audience on a memorable journey.

Every sound… Every note… Every movementIs a new experience… Janine Iron.

...Francine’s singing style had the audience in the palm of her hand... Dave Clarke

Francine is highly acclaimed for her artistry in redefining the voice – using it as a versatile instrument. For her, the voice can be reshaped according its purpose: for example, she can sing “straight” with the warmth, range and vibrancy of a great jazz or blues vocalist and, in a moment, alter her voice to create pure sounds drawn from nature and life’s experience. It is this special blend of song and sound which makes Francine’s treatment of the voice so remarkable.

Music has no limits with Francine and this shows in her career. Unexpectedly, Francine marked her debut as a lead singer-songwriter and backing vocalist in Martinique to then embark on an exceptional musical path that lead her straight away on the International Music Scene, following in France, to then establish herself in the UK in 1987, involved with the London Improvised Music scene, releasing her acclaimed first CD Bò kay la vi-a (OGUN) featuring Louis Moholo, Paul Rogers, Keith Tippett, Paul Rutherford, Claude Deppa and Evan Parker and performing worldwide Europe, Caribbean, Africa, Japan, India.

Along the career, Francine has worked with Jerry Dammers’ Spatial A.K.A Orchestra, notably Glastonbury Festival – Jools Holland’s Later; with Louis Moholo alongside with Lester Bowie and first part of Art Ensemble of Chicago’s; supporting Archie Shepp at the South Bank with her own band.

After countless musical encounters, a try out in the Caribbean, sometimes of exile; Francine is now devoted to her favorite instrument. Since her move up North UK, her new project: Francine Luce: One Voice-One Bass featuring legend bassist Andy Champion, recently premiered at Marsden Jazz Festival and Newcastle Jazz and Improvised Music Festival 2019.