Francine Luce: One Voice – One Bass


Francine’s debut on the Jazz Scene with her new project, along with her favourite instrument; the double bass. 

Exclusive, experimental, innovative sounds of bass and voice to create a new Jazz venture linking groove, jazz with free improvisation. Francine’s FREE GROOVY JAZZ.

She then decided to open her project to new collaborations and started to work with John Pope and appeared at the mjf Hothouse show case – Manchester 2019 and at the Sage Gateshead for Glasshouse 2022.

A dedicated collaboration bringing together the exceptional heartfelt voice of Francine Luce and the remarkable, refine bass touch of Andy Champion and John Pope.

As a songwriter-composer, Francine creates innovative compositions, highly colourful, rhythmic pieces linking groove, jazz with free improvisation. Offering both structured and freestyle pieces, across a wide inventive musical map.

Songs, sounds, stories and Creole from Martinique, French and English languages to turn music into fascinating life story telling and embark the audience on a memorable journey.

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